Games Workshops SPACE HULK game
- Arriving Sept. 5th


This Classic Games Workshop 40K style game will be available once again but in a very limited quantity. They will probably sell out the week it is released. If you’re interested in ordering one stop in and put down a deposit since the number we are able to order is limited.

This boxed game contains: a 23-page Rulebook, a 47-page Mission book and 35 finely-detailed, plastic Citadel miniatures, including: 11 Space Marine Terminators, one Space Marine Terminator Librarian, 22 Genestealers, and one Broodlord.

Also included are: 105 gaming counters, 24 corridors, 10 rooms, eight crossroads, eight T-junctions, six corner sections, four dead ends, four end pieces, 20 doors with plastic stands, one mission status display, and three plastic mission objectives, including: a dead Space Marine on throne, a Blood Angels artifact and a Cyber-Altered Task Unit. Plus a sand timer and five bone-colored dice unique to this game.

Lots of 40K Releases and other new products


There have been alot of new terrain releases for the Games Workshop 40K Planet Strike game rules. Come in and check out the new items that can make any of your 40K games more fun to play. The new Planet Strike rule book can give you a bunch of new scenarios and ways to add some variety to your battles. Imperial Guard finally got their new Leman Russ Demolisher and Hellhound Tank kits and a great book that can help you decide how to paint them. Don't forget we play 40K every Tuesday night and most saturday afternoons.

We are now carrying the Army Painter line of spray paints and their Quickshade line. If you haven't heard about this new method of painting your army then stop in so we can fill you in, We also have added the carrying cases from Battle Foam to our selection of carring cases we offer.

A number of new board games have come in from ZMAN, Rio Grand and others. One of the new favorites is Tales of the Arabian Nights by ZMAN. Check it out on their web site or stop in and we can tell you about it.

Flames of War and other new stuff


Stop in and check out the Flames of War product line. If you have not heard of Flames of War then I should tell you it's a table top game where you control armies of painted miniature tanks, infantry and guns against an opponents force set in WWII. Games are fought between two or more players where each side takes turns to move, shoot and fight aided by simple rules, dice and tape miniatures. Its the hottest 15mm historical game available today.

Other new arrivals include new Empire Army releases from Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast released more of Wave 1 for Heroscape. Watch for their Wave 9 release and a new Stars Wars release on June 30th.

We just got in some new board games. Space Alert, Kids of Carcassonne, Caylus Special Edition and World War IV. And we finally got in more copies of The Last Night on Earth, probably one of the most popular Zombie games you can play.

Stop by and check out the new stuff.

A New Location and a bunch of New Products


If you haven't already stopped in to check out the new location on Pearl Road, you don't know what you are missing. A lot of new and exciting products have recently arrived. The new Star Wars release, Imperial Entanglements, is here and selling fast. We have the new boosters and lots of single figures for sale. And, don't forget the discount you get when you buy by the case! Wizards of the Coast also released the new "Player Handbook 2" and the new "Players Handbook Power Cards".

The Age of Conan Board game is here and the new release of Cut Throat Caverns with all three expansions is available. There are also a lot of new miniatures from Reaper and Privateer Press, and White Wolf has some new Role Play books out.

And don't forget about the Privateer Press Monsterpocalypse Game. Their new release "I Chomp New York" will be here Friday 3/20. New Monster and Unit boosters and a new Strategy Guide are the hot new items.

That should be enough to get you in for a visit.

We're Moving!


...but just down the street! Over the course of the next week, we'll be moving to 6639 Pearl Road in Parma Heights. The store front is just a couple blocks north of W130th, less than a mile away from our current location.

You'll see that we will be maintaining our extensive product lines, but losing some gaming space. We will continue to host tournaments and promote in-store gaming, but simply on a smaller level. Pay close attention to our upcoming calendars so you don't miss a beat. As we work out the details, we'll share them every step of the way right here on our news feed. We look foward to seeing you at our new location!

Screaming Dragon has a new look!


You may be noticing that the layout of our website has undergone some changes. After much discussion, we've decided to get back to basics with our site and we're focusing on providing a deeper resource to our customers. Whether you're a current customer, or a gamer who just found us for the first time, you'll begin to find videos and battle reports of past tournaments and information on what's to come. And for those of you brand new to the gaming world, we've provided a section to help you understand what we're all about.

We hope you enjoy navigating through our new site. We're always interested in your thoughts and we hope that you'll keep checking back as we continue to update with events happening at Gamers Haven.