Card Games

Collectable Card Games

Collectable card games, abbreviated CCG's, offer a unique nitche in the gaming hobby. The cards come in starter decks and randomized booster packs, hence the "collectable", and players often trade cards with each other in order to complete collections or get that particular card you need for the game. Each player uses their collection of cards to build a deck to use in the game, which allows players to play decks based around themes or strategic combinations of cards. There are many different types of CCG's, each offering a unique style of game play.

Common games include: Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft, Pokemon, and L5R.

Stand Alone Card Games

Stand alone card games are grouped in our store with unique board games, and they do indeed begin to blur the boundary between card games and board games. The game includes all the cards you need to play the game, and a few popular games have released expansion packs, which add more cards to your existing game. Games are often based around unique themes, and are often designed to just plain have a good time! These card games will cost less money to play than collectable card games and when your friends want to play they donít need to own their own cards.

Common titles include: Munchkin, Killer Bunnies, and Chez Geek.