Miniature Games

Table Top Miniatures

The first type of miniature game at Gamers Haven are table top miniature games, of which there are game systems where you assemble and paint the miniatures, and some games where the miniatures are available pre-painted. The unassembled models add a entire hobby aspect to the game, where you get to assemble, paint, and customize your army to make it unique on the table top. The pre-painted miniature games allow people to open their miniatures and dive straight on to the game table.

The battlefield is most often an open playing field, varying in size from 4'x4' to 4'x8' depending on the size of the battle being played, that is decorated with 3D terrain pieces. Gamers often enjoy this "realistic" feel that the battlefield adds to the game. Games often range in time from one to several hours, again depending on the size of the game being played.

These games include virtually everything from Fantasy to Historical to Sci-fi. You will find soldiers as small a tall to several inches tall depending on the game. You can play pirate ships, battleships or starships. Anything is possible. Dice, rulers and charts control the movement and combat. Rule sets include everything from the very simple fast play style to the complex. Stop in and we can give you more information on this unique hobby.

Common games include: Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer Historical, Lord of the Rings, War Machine, Confrontation, and AT-43.

Collectable Miniatures

The second type is collectable miniature games (often known as CMG's), where miniatures come in a starter set and additional booster packs which contain random pre-painted miniatures for the game. Each booster will have a rare figure and a number of common and uncommon figures adding collectability to the game. This allows players to collect several armies simultaneously and even trade miniatures with other players!

Battles for most CMG's take place on a battle mat, which basically resembles a poster size map that is printed with terrain features and an overlaying grid of squares. The 2D approach makes the game easily portable, and the battle grid provides a unique play area and ease of movement. Games are often shorter in length, ranging from twenty minutes to an hour. These games lend them selves very easily to tournament play. If you check the Gamers Haven calendar of events you will see a number of these being played every week. Stop in and check them out.

Common game systems include: Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, Monsterpocalypse and World of WarCraft.